21616112_10214005631673402_5314196630674499615_nMeet Mark, Greek House Chefs’ official movie quote officianado! After starting as a chef for Greek House Chefs 3 years ago, Mark has rightfully worked his way up to Campus Manager. He knows how to be a leader and empowers his team by allowing them the freedom and trust to do what they do best and works alongside them when needed. When you walk into Mark’s fraternity kitchen, you’ll typically find him rocking out to the Deftones or some good ole’ Wu Tang. Mark is an expert at knowing what his fraternity wants out of their food service. His fraternity loves his energetic and positive attitude. They always appreciate being met with a smile when they have a request.

To this day, Mark is still baffled by his mom’s fried chicken recipe. He’s been working his whole life to master it, but he just can’t figure out her magic! Mark is one of the few chefs in the Blue Coat Army that openly admits to liking both Mayo and Miracle Whip, despite all the loaded judgements from his chef team. Fun fact: he particularly loves pretzels and sardines. We know, it's gross!

6eb86120-d280-4f1e-9b83-e91b26e4ae94-2060x1236 No, this isn't Chef Mark. It is Chef Marco Pierre White, Mark's idol.

When we asked Mark if he could pick any chef to learn from in the whole world, not surprisingly, he said Marco Pierre White. Just look up a picture of the guy, he reminds us a lot of our Chef Mark (but Mark isn't as angry!).

Mark said that his favorite part about working for Greek House Chefs is the team. Mark is an avid user of the Greek House Chefs "Chef Only" Facebook group where he and his fellow chefs swap recipes, pictures, and ideas. He's been known to throw up a huge 'thumbs up' emoji a time or two on a picture from a fellow chef. "I love that the Facebook Group connects me to the rest of the chefs around the country and it makes Greek House Chefs feel like one big family".

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