Elizabeth Riffel has been a Sales Director and a dedicated and loyal member of the Blue Coat Army since {insert date}. As a Delta Delta Delta alumni herself, Elizabeth has been knowledgeable and excited about being back in Greek life from day one. Elizabeth says that her favorite part of GHC’s service is special events. In particular she recalls one of her favorites being a phenomenal brunch we put on for 1,800 guests at a sorority in Arkansas, and that wasn’t our one event for the day either!  We had multiple sorority events that day and to be apart of it and see our team working so hard and having so much fun at what they do was so gratifying”! 


We asked Elizabeth why anyone who is looking for a new kitchen management company should consider us. She said, “Our collective passion to provide the very best in food service for our chapter houses is what makes Greek House Chefs and the Blue Coat Army so unique.  I believe each one of us are so passionate about this company because we are so confident in the service, we provide which comes from the support we are given from our owners and management”.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen management company, Elizabeth would love to have a chat with you and discuss the ways we can customize our service to fit the needs of your chapter! No matter who you go to for a food service company, Elizabeth said it’s most important to find a company with “flexibility, even before this time of Covid and ALL the uncertainty it has brought our world and college communities. Greek House Chefs has understood that no Greek house is alike and there are so many variables in keeping houses and meal plans full and we have always been flexible in adjusting meal plans and services for current accounts and flexible to step in at a moment notice for new accounts. No matter who you chose, make sure they are transparent with you, and flexible”!


P.S. Next time you see Elizabeth, make sure you ask her about the newest addition to her family, 2 month old Reese!


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